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Eil electrical panels are designed for all types of applications.

The structures are designed by an internal team of engineers and built by one of our partner companies.

The starting point of every design is the regulatory requirements the panels must satisfy. For this reason, standard structures are never used but rather, they are built according to individual specifications, thereby producing a new panel designed to meet the precise requirements of each customer.

Eil has an internal division dedicated exclusively to the construction of electrical and pneumatic panels capable of offering an increasingly broad range of services, combining high-quality technical skills with the utmost professionalism.


In addition, the company has an internal panel workshop dedicated to the construction of all the power and control cabinets for the systems it creates, a testing and commissioning workshop, and a third area for load testing.

This translates into a twofold advantage for the customer: the ability to supply turnkey systems and to reduce costs in a single commercial transaction.


The phases of design, assembly, inspection and testing are performed by the technicians themselves, a process that eliminates any possibility of error.



  • 400V/690V 100 KA
  • Fixed or pull-out drawer PCCs and MCCs LV/MV distribution panels
  • AC and DC DRIVE panels
  • DRIVE panels for turbo blowers
  • DCS panels and distribution networks
  • LAN panels
  • Special panels for aggressive environments
  • Panels for food environments
  • Batteries for ATEX classified areas
  • Lifting panels for CRANES
  • On-board machine panels