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Converting mixing system

A completely automatic system capable of distributing a constant mix of water, perfume and glue to the Converting line.

The mixing system is controlled by a PLC, centralized for larger systems, or local for small or stand-alone systems, easily adjustable by the operator as it is fully automated.


A touch panel placed on each single mixer is used to select the recipe and, with a simple touch, automatically dose the correct quantities.

The tank is made of stainless steel with a satin marbled finish that keeps it looking like new, even after several years of use.
Inside, the polished sheet metal makes it easy to clean, ensures hygiene and prevents the development of bacteria.


The mixers can be equipped according to needs, whether using electric or pneumatic motors. The levels and the alarms are managed entirely by the control system on board the mixer. Two additional inputs are also provided for liquid substances and a configuration for heating the fluid by means of resistance.

Each recipe can be made following the specific requests of each customer and checked using preset password levels.


  • Food grade stainless steel tank
  • No errors in preparation
  • Consistent final product for the entire production batch
  • Self-wash system at the end of the cycle to reduce waste
  • Low-level warning system, remote use through software communication
  • System can be expanded and controlled remotely from a single location
  • Hygiene and cleaning warranty
  • Constantly clean working area
  • Less waste of raw materials